Universal Beef Packers are NZ owned and operated - we benchmark processing standards and offer farmers a competitive alternative. We may be the small, quiet achievers in our industry but we are influential and benefit our farmers directly and indirectly due to our very cost efficient operation. Our team works extremely hard to ensure our customers receive the best quality meat in the world. Before any red meat leaves our shores it will have passed down a stringent road of quality checks, verification and assurance. All exported meat carries a sanitary certificate issued by Ministry of Primary Industries, confirming the meat complies with the health and hygiene regulations of the country it is to be exported to.

Aus Meat Ministry for Primary Industries Asure Quality

UBP prides itself on meeting the religious requirements of its Muslim customers. Beef that is certified Halal is guaranteed having been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Shariah, using humane, hygienic techniques. This ensures there is no possibility of Islamic customers receiving non-halal meat.