New Zealand beef meets or exceeds buyer quality expectations for taste, tenderness, safety and consistency. Fine textured and naturally nutritious, these distinctively flavorsome products are expertly produced. Tender and lean, a healthy food with taste appeal, it makes the meal and inspires the menu. Many factors affect meat quality, New Zealand's experienced beef farmers are expert at them all. At every stage of the production system, growers work towards delivering a product that is as pure and natural as possible, without compromising the wellbeing of individual animals. Taking a natural product and raising it carefully you can taste the quality of New Zealand meat.


UBP Limited produces Beef Jerky primarily for the Asian market, including Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Only the best quality beef cuts are used. The Beef is then flavoured and dried under an extreme standard of hygiene and scrupulous care in handling, then packed for convenience and ease of consumption. Flavors include: Black Pepper, Chilli, Original, Teriyaki. Beef Jerky can be used in dishes such as Omelet's or consumed straight from the bag. UBP Limited is one of the leading manufacturers in New Zealand for producing Mountain Beef Jerky with products being readily available in Supermarkets as well as for Export.

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